We invite you to enjoy a wide range of attractions!

They were created in order to provide guests with an unforgettable experience. Whether you are looking for peace and relaxation or prefer an active way of spending time in nature, our center has something to offer to everyone.

We have prepared a variety of activities that will satisfy the lovers of exercise, families with children, as well as those searching for a place to unwind among beautiful landscapes.

We invite you to discover everything that the Aura Center has to offer – places, where everyone will find something for themselves.

With children in mind!

Playground, tree house, sandpit

We have created a real playground for children with a tree house and a sandpit, providing toddlers with endless joy and creative fun.

Here the youngest guests discover the magic of fun outdoors, while parents can enjoy the moment of relaxation!

Rest by the water!

Shoreline, beach, swimming area

We offer a perfect place to rest by the water with a picturesque shoreline, cozy beach and a safe swimming area, which has a specially designated zone for kids.

It is the perfect place to relax on loungers, enjoy the sun and water, providing both adults and the youngest guests with safe and relaxing entertainment.

Water equipment at your disposal!

Water bikes, kayaks, boats, slides

Water bikes, boats and kayaks are waiting for you, perfect for peaceful discovery of the charms of the surrounding waters. Get ready for an unforgettable experience and active recreation by the water!

Relax on the patio!

Grills, fireplaces, tables

The heart of the summer houses are the patios located next to the houses on the lake side. It is an exquisite relaxation place connected to the banquet hall and sauna zone.
Equipped with a barbecue and a hearth, the place provides ideal conditions for evening feasts by the fire. Cozy tables invite you to enjoy meals together outdoors, where you can enjoy the peace and magical atmosphere surrounded by nature.

A place to calm down!

Fishing on a private lake

The possibility of buying a fishing permit on a private lake, where you can indulge your passion for fishing. We give an opportunity to buy a fishing permit, so you can enjoy peaceful fishing in a picturesque scenery, surrounded by nature.
It is a perfect suggestion for those who want to break away from everyday life and relax in silence.

Spend your time actively!

Volleyball, soccer, basketball, outdoor gym, bike ride and so much more!

We encourage you to spend your time actively! The volleyball court, soccer goal or basketball court available to you is an amazing place for sports emotions and team competition. Our outdoor gym will help you stay in shape in the fresh air, and a bike ride around the picturesque neighborhood will deliver an unforgettable experience.

Share the passion for tennis with us!

Tennis court, tennis club, equipment service

Our tennis court awaits all lovers of the sport, regardless of the skill level. We also offer lessons with certified coaches and service of tennis equipment!

Relief and regeneration

Finnish saunas, infrared saunas, garden hot tub

This is the perfect place to recuperate and relax, while enjoying a moment just for yourself.