Saunas and a Hot tub

Relaxation zone

At our Aura Leisure Center, we provide an exceptional relaxation experience through access to a Finnish sauna, an infrared sauna and a garden hot tub. For the full comfort of our guests, we have also prepared an equipped room where you can sit comfortably at tables or take a rest on the loungers, enjoying a moment of peace.

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna, known for its great relaxation and health benefits, invites you to experience a traditional Finnish ritual. High temperature and dry air wonderfully impacts the immunity system and the body recovery, as well as allows you to experience a deep relaxation.

Infrared sauna

The infrared sauna is a modern alternative, which uses infrared radiation in order to internally warm up the body, which supports detoxification, soothes muscle and joint pain, as well as favors deep relaxation. It is a splendid choice for people who appreciate gentler forms of relaxation.

Garden hot tub

The garden hot tub offers unforgettable relaxation moments in the open air, regardless of the season. Warm water and picturesque surroundings create perfect conditions for relaxation and recuperation, ensuring a unique experience of closeness to nature.